About IOTA

The Iowa Occupational Therapy Association is a non-profit corporation established in 1977.  

Mission Statement

The objectives of the IOTA shall be to build the capacity of its members through education, research and communication. The IOTA will act as a public advocate for Occupational Therapy to promote viability of the profession and access to services.

Current IOTA Goals:

1. Increase membership and participation in IOTA
    •    Increase membership in all categories (OT, OTA, students, and retired members)
    •    Increase participation (individual-level and district-level)
    •    incorporate website changes for engagement of members
2.    Support occupational therapy practice and fieldwork in Iowa
    •    Support reimbursement for occupational therapy services
    •    Increase professional development opportunities with collaboration with IPTA and ISHA
    •    Facilitate collaboration with fieldwork site and potential sites
    •    Focus on evidence-based research, promotion of OT articles for "members only" CEUs
    •    Increase presence in community/social media
    •    Engage in legislative initiatives to promote scope of practice integrity
3.    Empower OT’s in Iowa to value professionalism and ownership of practice
    •    Articulate to general population the value of OT
    •    Trend towards increased involvements in professional OT state organization with a focused          membership process and plan as well as increased benefits for members


IOTA Contacts:

Administrative Assistant
Shelly Plough
PO Box 57221
Des Moines, IA 50317
[email protected]

Steve S. Bowen, OTD, OTR/L, CAPS
[email protected]

For a list of Officers & Committees click here.